To Trim or Not to Trim

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Benefits of Micro Trimming

If you haven't already heard of the newest trend in haircuts, this may be the perfect thing for you! Check out some of the amazing benefits of getting a Micro Trim and see if it's just what your hair has been needing.

  1. Aids in Hair Growth - Ever heard of getting rid of toxic traits? Time to let go of toxic split ends. Micro Trims typically don't take off more than 1/2" off of the ends so you don't have to worry about losing all of your length in the process of keeping your hair happy & healthy. The longer you hold on to your split ends, the further up the hair shaft they'll split and end up breaking off even shorter.
  2. Healthier Looking Hair - Getting regular Micro Trims is the perfect way to keep your hair looking fresh in-between your regular haircuts by using the dusting technique to remove hair breakage throughout the mid-shaft of your hair and cleaning up the ends.
  3. Quick Stop - Don't have the time for a full haircut but desperately in need of some maintenance? This appointment doesn't include a wash or style so you'll be in and out in around 30 minutes! We just ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair so we can deliver you the best results.

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Photo Credit: wikiHow