Hair Removal shearbliss02

At Shear Bliss we offer a wide range of hair removal services.

Soft Honey Wax/Creme Wax  allows us to provide our clients with the best results from brows to Brazilians.  We are here to help your with your hair removal needs. We take pride in safe, sanitary practices using a new wax spatula each time we need more wax.

Body Sugaring - Body Sugaring is another great way to remove unwanted body hair. It is especially popular for those who have sensitive skin, because the sugar doesn't adhere to the skin, only to the hair and is used at a lower temperature. Due to its natural organic ingredients any remaining residue can simply be dissolve with water.

Epil-Free- Andrea is pleased to offer a Permanent Hair Reduction System. Epil Free is a permanent hair reduction system without the use of a machine, laser, IPL or electrolysis. It reduces the hair by up to 80% in 8-12 sessions. This is about a 10-15% decrease per session. Unlike other hair reduction systems, Epil Free is safe to use of all hair types, skin colours , skin types, over tattoos and tanned skin, and while pregnant. *Andrea is currently away on maternity leave, but will be returning fall 2019.

*Please note we do not perform male Brazilian waxes,  Epil Free Brazilian waxes and body sugaring on brows.